Special Events


Besides the trips already listed on this website, we are more than capable of organising totally customised trips or catering to special events. We can organise special private trips for individuals as well as hotels/resorts.

Why not treat your loved one to a scenic downwind sunset paddle through one of Koh Samui's scenic bays, enjoy a nice glass of wine whilst taking in the Thai sunset with nothing but the sound of the waves and the open sea to keep you company.


If you're organising a special event or party, provide your guests with a unique form of entertainment. We can also provide a source of daytime entertainment to hotel/resort guests, giving guests orientations & lessons as well as activities such as paddleboard snorkeling/Snookah Diving. Whatever you're planning or orgganising, we're sure we could create a customised itinerary to suit any budget so feel free to get in touch with us either by email or by phone, as well as by using the message form on this page. We aim to reply to all inquires within 24 hours.

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