Marine Life in the Gulf of Thailand (Nocturnal Safari)


As one of the main exporters of squid worldwide, its no wonder the Gulf of                                                           Thailand glows from space! Illuminated by thousands of squid fishing boats                                                           making their living, the Gulf of Thailand by night is truly a spectacular sight.


Apart from squid, the mineral rich waters of the Gulf host a huge variety of                                                               marine life from sea turtle and small sharks, to stingrays, nudibranch &                                                                 microscopic phytoplankton, we really do have it all!


Many of the phytoplankton and micro organisms found here are actually                                                                 unique to these waters and are truly a sight to behold. These creatures are                                                             drawn toward the light of our boards, meaning you'll see more marine life on                                                               one of our trips than you can ever imagine whilst snorkeling without getting                                                                       your feet wet or sunburnt!


The marine creatures of the day disappear (although that doesn't stop them from coming up to take a closer look!) and the night creatures come out to play. Gaze in awe as this abundance of life congregates and unfurls around your board. Curious fish jumping out of the water around our boards are not an uncommon sight! Join us for one of our trips for a truly unique and unforgettable experience.