Daytime Rentals


Just because our main focus is on illuminated nigh time SUP, doesn't mean you can't take advantage of he daytime too! 



Explore The Uninhabited Islands of Koh Som & Koh Lum Mu Noi

Discover Pristine, Untouched Reefs Perfect For Snorkeling!

Enjoy Fantastic, Unique Views of Wat Phra Yai (Big Buddha)



Discover Koh Samui's world famous coastline from a different perspective! Enjoy breathtaking views of Samui's idyllic beaches from the comfort of your very own paddleboad out at sea. Experience the majestic Wat Phra Yai (Big Buddha) from a different angle as you paddle along Bangrak's stunning coast. 


















Available Rentals:


Kayaks (Single Seater)

Standard single seater kayaks available for rent. 


Standard SUP Paddleboard

For experienced paddlers. Balancing on a standard SUP for long periods of time can be physically demanding so novices and beginners are recommended to opt for the hyrbid paddleboards. Most rental companies will provide you with a no name brand or an inflatab/semi-rigid board. Not us! We will provide you with a full sized, high quality Starboard Blend. Pre-Trip lessons available. 


Hybrid Paddleboards

Our super stable hybrid catamaran hulled boards are perfect for beginners & experienced paddlers alike. You can sit, kneel or stand, whatever you prefer and our boards perform better than both standard paddleboards or kayaks! Cutting through the waves effortlessly. Also come with a number of straps to secure your belongings. The boards sit high above the water, keeping you dry and makes it easier for your to bring along whatever you like, whether you'd like to enjoy a beach picnic, bring drinks along or simply strap your bag to them. Not possible on standard paddleboards!


In 2013, Patrick Gasiglia accomplished a record setting 1000km paddle down the Mekohg river using the same hyrbid board, so they're ideal for your half day out!



With a range of optional extras, you can really customize your trip to meet your every desire! 


Daytime Rentals Include:


  • Orientation

  • Hybrid Kayak/Stand Up Paddleboard + Paddle

  • Life Jacket

  • Dry Bag 

  • Waterproof Radios For Constant Land Communication

  • Cooler Provided Upon Request


Optional Extras:


  • Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker + Dry Box Rental

  • Snorkeling Equipment (Mask & Fins) Rental

  • HD Waterproof / Underwater Camera Rental

  • Fishing Gear (Rod & Bait) Rental

  • Resort Pickup / Dropoff



All daytime rentals require a minimum of 2 participants who must agree to full responsibility for all equipment provided and adhere to the agreed times. 


Prices are available upon request so don't hesitate to contact us for availability or any further inquires!



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