Koh Samui Paddle Board Adventures & SUP Nightboard

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Liquid Sky Scuba & Watersports offers unique day time and night time paddlesports                                                                 alternatives here on the sunny island paradise of Koh Samui, Thailand. Come enjoy our mineral                                                                          rich waters whilst cruising along on one of our light up stand up paddeboards. Night boarding is                                                                           not about the distance covered, rather its all about going slow and admiring the variety of sea                                                                               life below your board, attracted by the 2000 lumens of light illuminating the water beneath you.                                                                            Our lights are capable of illuminating an area of about 50 feet around & 15-20 feet down, which                                                                             is sure to attract the attention of lots of little critters. If you've ever been snorkeling or diving at                                                                           night using a torch, picture that - but on steroids.



Did you know you can see the Gulf of Thailand from outer space? This is because its a major exporter of squid - the green glow is the thousands of fishing boats at night utilizing green lights to  fish for squid! This owes to the rich population of phytoplankton which makes the Gulf an ideal home for all types of marine life. From squid to stingrays, small sharks, sea turtles, jellyfish and much much more, you're sure to have an experience unparalleled to anything else during your vacation here. If the prospect of falling in scares you, don't worry! Our boards are hybrid kayak/stand up paddle catamaran boards meaning they're much more stable than traditional SUP boards & you have the choice to either glide along standing up or kayak sitting down. Paddle boarding is an eco friendly healthy activity the whole family can share together! Not a strong swimmer? No problem! Paddle boarding is a great way to experience the Gulf of Thailand's diverse marine ecosystem without actually being in the water! Don't like the sun? Come join us on one of our guided night time adventures! Here on a romantic holiday? Enjoy the sunset with us and gaze in awe at the beatiful Thai sunset & our mountainous shoreline. We can even set up a picnic or wine & cheese on a secluded beach location or a sandbar to make your loved ones feel really special. Whatever your heart desires, we aim to please!



At Liquid Sky Scuba & Watersports, customer safety & satisfaction are our main priorities. All guides are experienced in rescue & first aid & we aim to give our clients a safe, easy and fun experience they'll never forget. No matter what your desires/limitations may be, we're sure we can find an adventure suited for you. 

Our tours are tailor made and can be anywhere between one to two hours long. We can also consider customised itineries if you have something a bit different in mind. You don't have to be an experienced boarder to enjoy a Nightboarding Adventure, all our packaged experiences come with a brief orientation included. We board from various locations around Koh Samui, depending upon weather & other factors. Contact us to find out more!